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   Yangling, Shaanxi, China.
Postcode: 712100
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About College

 Innovative Experimental College of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, a college in new type, was established in July, 2008 based on the idea of promoting the reform and development of national higher education, concentrating on training of excellent innovative talents and upgrading of persistent competitiveness of this university. Professor Zhao Zhong, the Executive Vice President of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University was the first dean of this college.
There are 673 students in this college now, including 120 freshmen in innovative experimental class specializing in Biological Science, and 90 freshmen in class of National Program on Life Science and Technology majoring in Biotechnology and Bioengineering respectively.
Our college takes cultivating the undergraduates with good professional knowledges, strong competence in practice and scientific research as primary task. We also aim at fostering outstanding students of high quality and innovative spirit, who can qualify professional research of cross-disciplinary with international perspectives and sustainable competitiveness.
With the aid of dominant discipline and the integration of teaching, scientific research and practice, our college has been working on building proper environment for the development of excellent students’ personality and capability via binding diversified and personalized cultivation program. 

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