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Chen Yuchun
From:      By:      Date: 2015-11-02

Mr. Chen Yuchun, born in Feb of 1964 in Yangling County of Shaanxi Province, has betitled Doctor, Professor and Mater’s Mentor. Having studied at Eastern China Normal University and Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, he was awarded the Doctoral degree of Management in 2004. He once worked as director of Higher Education Research Office of Northwest Agricultural University, deputy director of Academic Affairs Division of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, Director of Teaching and Research Department and Director of Academic Affairs Division of China Yan’an Executive Leadership Academy, Party Secretary and Librarian of Northwest A&F University, and Executive Vice Dean and Party Secretary of A&F College of Innovation and Experiment. He now serving as supervisor of the Vocational Technology Education Programme of Northwest A&F University, Deputy Director of National Agricultural Universities Cooperate Committee on Pedagogy Development and Postgraduate Education of Chinese Ministry of Education, Professor of China Yan’an Executive Leadership Academy, and member of Teaching Steering Committee of Agricultural Vocational College and School of China’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Years of his engagement in research and teaching in higher education and vocational education has helped him lay solid theocratical foundation and achieve great success in this fields, including the top prize of Shaanxi Teaching Achievement of the program Exploration and Research in Appointed Teaching System, and second prize of the project Exploration and Research in Cultivation Model of Top-notch Talents at Agricultural University. In addition, he published over 120 academic papers, with 6 of which won prizes of Provincial Teaching Achievement. He has hosted five academic research projects, including the Research of Innovative System and Teaching Model of Vocational Education for Chinese Farmers of 21st Century sponsored by the 10th Five-year National Education Science Programme, and the Research of Base-centered Cultivation Model of Farmers’ Vocational Skills. Specialized in the research of vocational education and farmers’ vocational education, he published 4 academic monographs including Higher Vocational Pedagogy. His book of Research of Modern Chinese Farmers’ Vocational Education was awarded the second prize of 8th Shaanxi Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement.

He has been offering 4 courses to graduate students, including the Frontier Theories of Vocational and Technical Education, Development of Education Science, and Higher Vocational Pedagogy;  and Science and Method of College Study to undergraduate students; and also Development of International Vocational Education to all Deans of vocational college or schools of China.

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