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Zhao Zhong
From:      By:      Date: 2015-07-03

 Zhao Zhong, male, born in July 1958 in Ning county, Gansu Province, is member of CPC, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor. He worked from March, 1976, and graduated from Vienna Agricultural University in Austria with Doctor Degree of Forestry Ecology. He is now working as Vice President of Northwest A��F University and also once serviced in Northwest Forestry University as Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, Head of Science and Technology Administration Division, Director of Academic Affairs Office, and in Northwest  A��F University as Director of Academic Affairs Office, Assistant President, Standing Committee of the party committee, Vice President, and Dean of Innovative Experiment College. With prominent performance and achievement, he is honored as Ten Outstanding Youth of Shaanxi Province, Excellent Teacher, National Outstanding Director of Academic Affairs Office and Young Academic with Exceptional Achievement of National Ministry of Forestry. Additionally, he won three Third Prizes of Ministry of Forestry for Progress in Science and Technology, two provincial Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, one Special Prize and Second Prize of Provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievement respectively. He obtained and is enjoying the Governmental Special Allowance of the State Council

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