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Address: No.3 Taicheng Road,
   Yangling, Shaanxi, China.
Postcode: 712100
Tel/Fax: +86-29-87091915
E-mail: cie001@nwsuaf.edu.cn



1.College Management Committee

The Management Committee of Innovative Experiment College was established under the guidance of our University, whose post of Director is held by Administrative Vice President of our University and Deputy Director by the heads of Academic Affairs Division and Innovative Experiment College. The members of Committee are heads of Student Affairs Division, Graduate Division, Personnel Department, Finance Department and other relevant colleges. 
This Committee is responsible for designing and implementing the development program of Innovative Experiment College and the reform plan of talents cultivating model, conducting the affairs of teaching, student management and other issues with relevant colleges, and making sure all works of college go on smoothly. Daily affairs of this committee are in the charge of its secretariat which is set up in college of Innovative Experiment.
All business of Innovative Experiment College practice under the guidance of Management Committee, including the composing of student cultivating scheme, construction of curriculum system, the research of teaching reform, management of student affairs and teaching affairs, and the selection and grading of students.


2. Offices
(1). Party Affairs Office           Tel: 029-87091915
(2). Teaching Affairs Office   Tel: 029-87091065
(3). Student Affairs Office      Tel: 029-87091906

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