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College Academic Specialty

1.National Base Class for the Professional Training of Talents on Life-Science and Techonology

(1) Objective
This base class is established to train and cultivate outstanding talents for our nation. Both fine scientific literacy and innovative spirit are essential for those talents who are also required to have a good knowledge in advanced Life-Science and master the primary theory and technique of biological technology.

(2)Direction of Profession
1. Base Class of Biological Technology
2. Base Class of Bio-engineering

2. Class of Innovative Experiment

To better promote the program of Innovative Experiment Zone for the Talents Training of General University presided over by National Educational Department, this class is established to implement the theory of elites’ education. We are targeting at the cultivation of talents with science up-holding passion ,innovative persistence and strong social ability to meet the demands of social needs in relative fields.    

Put in motion with the guidance of unique model of talents cultivation, the class mainly focuses on General Education and Discipline-based Education in accordance with the   classification of disciplines. To better develop students’ personalities, this model also stress the cultivation of their Profession and Discipline-based education, scientific literacy, and innovative ability, via increasing teaching time of basic curriculum, offering reasonable major curriculum courses, distinctive courses and research-model courses, systematic self-study courses and bilingual courses.       
(2)Direction of Profession
1. Plant Science
2. Animal Science
3. Light Industry and Food   (No More Enrollment From 2010)
4. Business Administration   (No More Enrollment From 2010)

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