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CIE Organized Teacher Delegate Attended National Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Teaching in University
From: CIE College Affairs Office      By: Wang Junru      Date: 2016-12-22

CIE organized teacher delegate for the Fu Zhou National Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Teaching in University sponsored by China Research Center for Teaching and Learning in University and College(2016).

Themed on The Construction and Application of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering MOOC and Teaching Reform, the conference attracted 750 front-line chemistry teachers nationwide. Aiming at building a Chinese-style MOOC system, the conference collected the fruits of previous pilot run and encouraged the attendees to explore the reform in teaching content and teaching mode, the establishment of combination of online and offline interactive teaching, research-style teaching and discussion teaching. With the joint efforts of all outstanding ideas of new methods, new modes and new mechanism, the teaching quality of chemistry and chemical engineering curriculum will see great improvement.  

Responding to the call of building up NWAFU a double first-rate university, CIE set the goal of improving the chemistry professional proficiency of agricultural, forestry and biological majors. To take utmost advantages of this occasion, 5 NWAFU attendee teachers played different roles and had themselves highly involved in the conference, attending the keynote speeches and 4 parallel sessions reports during the daytime and two evening seminars.

As the spearhead of NWAFU top-notch agriculture and forestry talents cultivation program, CIE has always been active in supporting and encourage the teachers to explore teaching reform. In this year only, 26 faculty were sponsored by CIE for national conferences and report in Organic Chemistry, College Physics, Advanced Maths and College English, which made great contribution to the to the personal development of teachers and the promotion of teaching reform.

The group photo of conference attendees
                                                                                            (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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