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Behind the Well-organized New Term Week in CIE
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Zhao Lu      Date: 2017-02-15

Behind the well-organized new term week in CIE, there are hundreds of unsung heroes from all over NWAFU. As early as winter vocation, CIE set about the preparation for the coming new term. Organizing student register and make-up examinations, confirming the course timetable with related personnel, delivering students’ textbooks, learning about students’ psychological status and other jobs are time-and-energy consuming. What can be seen are things in good order while what neglected are the joint efforts of faculty pushing the wheels running smoothly. Thanks to the cooperation from fellow colleges, CIE preparation for new term was beautifully done. 

Winter holiday does not necessarily mean rest to the hard-working students. Nearly hundred CIE students applied vocation-stay on campus. Lower year grades were to do experiment for innovative training program while the senior year grades worked on their research training and final thesis. Another group of people who stood on the vocation-stayers were their mentors. The posts were always taken while the phone always on. The students QQ group, college staff QQ group and appointed teaching program QQ group witnessed the dutiful teachers. 

The make-up examination involved over ten fellow colleges of NWAFU. The individualized curriculum offered for the 3rd- year students was a demanding and complicated job. To cope with all the demanding and challenging work, all CIE faculty bid farewell to their vocation one or two weeks of university’s required schedule. It is their contribution that enabled the good beginning of new term. It is their enthusiasm in work and life ignites the CIE students passion in this new year.


                                                                                                   (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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