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Panel of Experts from NWAFU Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Office Inspected CIE
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Ma Chuan      Date: 2017-03-28

On the morning of March 24th, lead by professor Chen Yulin (Director of Academic Affairs Division of NWAFU),a panel of 4 experts from NWAFU Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Office visited CIE to inspect the progress and problems in the preparation for evaluation. CIE Dean Ou Wenjun, Party Secretary Li Haihua, Associated Dean Wang Xiaoping, Deputy Party Secretary Pei Zhichao and faculty of CIE Teaching Affairs Office welcome the inspectors and organized a symposium for further communication.

Associate Dean Wang Xiaoping made a detailed report of CIE’s actions taken and progress made in undergraduate teaching evaluation. Other CIE senior staff also shared the problems hindering CIE in pushing forward the top-notch talents cultivation. All people then voiced their instructive suggestions on these topics.

Professor Chen Yulin pointed out that the evaluation was like a thorough physical examination to NWAFU undergraduate teaching. It required attention of all related departments and individuals. He first calls upon the full commitment of CIE faculty, especially those of teachers’ and students’, in promoting the development of teaching and learning morale. Second, he suggested CIE enhance its systematic management of undergraduate teaching and highlight its prominent features. Third, CIE should collate more supplementary documentation to compose a self-evaluation report with distinctive features of education-orientation. He also encouraged CIE to take the evaluation a great opportunity for finding out problems and working out solutions to constantly improve the teaching quality.

Professor Chen Yulin Prescribing for the CIE’ Problems in Evaluation Preparation

Working Committee of NWAFU Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Office

Panel of Experts from NWAFU Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Office Inspected CIE
                                                                                   (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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