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CIE Held Periodic Project Defense of MOE Undergraduate Innovation Program
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Shen Zhentong & Ma Chuan      Date: 2017-04-12

On April 8th, project defense meeting of CIE-approved MOE Undergraduate Innovation Programs were successfully held both in two college rooms. The panel consisted of 10 experts from different colleges of NWAFU.

Before their program graded by scores, each group was required to give a 5-minuts oral presentation in terms of their program development, periodic achievements, current focus, to-be-solved problems and their use of fund. Other members in addition to their group addressors were required to introduced briefly their roles and their experience in the project, and answered the questions raised by the panel. 

Unlike the convention that group leaders be the addressors, this year’s presentation was made by some group members assigned by the panel randomly, which enabled the whole group highly involved in the defense. The judges also gave instructive suggestions to the students, which was proved valuable in furthering each program.

It is estimated that, among the 53 CIE programs approved in 2016, 4 of which are national level, 6 provincial level and the rest university level. Noticeably, Y2015 CIE students played key role in the programs as 18 groups are set up by that year grade students.

At the defense

At the defense

The judges
                                         (Photos by: Shen Zhentong; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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