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Y2017 Final Thesis Defense Held Successfully
From: Teaching Affairs Office      By: Ma Chuan & Zhi Yuru      Date: 2017-06-09

On June 7th, 107 CIE Bio-technology major students attended the final theses dense and all passed the last exam of their four-year college study.   

The students were grouped according to their research orientation. Each of the 4 groups efficiently finished required sessions. CIE Dean Mr. Ou Wenjun and Associate Dean Mr. Wang Xiaoping visited all groups and talked with judges and students during the break. With strong support of college and close cooperation of all related staff, this important job was brilliantly done.

To guarantee the thesis fully meet the requirements in terms of format, language style and content, the judges carefully examined the papers and voiced their suggestions. For instance, the students were suggested to revise their format, abstract, illustrations, acknowledgment format and the sequence of supervisors names. Instead of complaining about the harsh remarks, the students were very grateful for the suggestions of judges to have the quality of papers improved.

In addition, the judged showed great concern over the empirical study applied in the thesis. They challenged the students with basic knowledge in bio-technology field and appraised the sample selection reasonable and typical. Their questions also covered some frontier technology, like “do you know any other means of gene knock-out besides crisper case 9?”. Last, Mr. Hua Lianjin summarized the thesis defense, “ We hope you all would accept our suggestions and revise your papers, and finish the last examination of your college study. “

The final thesis is like the last question on a test paper. Only when the one finishes it, can he/she passes the test of college study. It also plays a significant role in NWAFU preparing for the teaching evaluation of undergraduate program and striving for Double-First-Rate university.

Y2017 Final Thesis Defense

Y2017 Final Thesis Defense
                                                                                      (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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