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CIE Held Y2017 Commencement
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Shen Zhentong      Date: 2017-06-30

Awarding CIE Sci-Tech Innovation Prize

Group Photo

On June 24th, CIE held Y2017 Commencement at Youren Cultural Square. CIE Party Secretary Li Haihua, Dean Ou Wenjun, Associated Dean Wang Xiaoping, Deputy Party Secretary Pei Zhichao,representatives of teachers and of students’ parents, CIE faculty and all Y2017 CIE graduations attended the grand event.

Mz. Li, on behalf CIE, extended sincere congratulations to all graduates on their success in finishing required courses and training for their Bachelors degree. She hoped the students would  bear in mind the NWAFU motto and teachers’ intuition, to forge ahead with determination for greater achievement. “ Learn to be an honesty person with noble character, staying true to personal pursuit; to be diligent in study, reflection and practice, be sensible to raise to any occasions with innovative thoughts and be persistent in dealing with toughness on the way to success; to be a person sound in body and mind, making great contribution to the development of China and a law-ruled society and working hard for the well-being of family. ”

Next, graduate representative delivered a speech on behalf of his peers, extending sincere thanks to CIE, teachers and classmates for their strong support. “ NWAFU is where my youth bloom, where I turned myself from an ignorant boy to a man with confidence and sense of responsibility,” he spoke up both his minds and his peers’.

Last, CIE gave commendation to winners of CIE Sci-Tech Innovation Prize and Y2017 Outstanding Graduations of NWAFU. To encourage them to keep practicing the spirit of CIE motto, our college gave each graduate a souvenir symbolizing good wishes of our college.

Commencement is a farewell ceremony of graduates to NWAFU and CIE. It is also a way of expressing good wishes of NWAFU and CIE to the leavers.

Wish them all prosperous future!


                                                                    (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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