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Dr. Andrea Renzetti from Italy Gave Academic Report to CIE Students
From: College Affairs Office      By: Zhao Xuan & Ma Chuan      Date: 2018-09-21

On the afternoon of September 20, 2018, in the multimedia classroom of CIE, Dr. Andrea Renzetti from Italy gave a reported titled "New Anticancer Drug Discovery: Research Experience" to CIE students. And the social challenge" theme of the full English academic report.

Dr. Renzetti started the report with the study of EGCG in green tea, followed by his detailed introduction to the research process of new anticancer drugs, the achievements in the research process and the challenges. Step by step, Dr. Renzetti lead the students roaming in the field of scientific research world and let them feel the charm of chemistry and biology. He also talked about social challenges such as dealing with scholars from many countries during his research visit abroad. Regarding the language barriers and the cultural changes, he made valuable comments for reference by sharing his own personal experience.

After the report, the students communicated with Andrea in English. Li Jiale, a student of the Bio-technology class 1703, was very emotional. He said: "I really like the summer course conducted by Andrea. From his class, I have not only learned professional knowledge, but also acquired English learning skills. This report benefits me much. The teacher’s academic report made me realize how rigorous a scientific research should be. His suggestions on studying abroad also inspired me a lotl." Andrea's report associated his research experience with his life experience abroad, which enhances the professionalism of the students and allows the students to see the persistence and fun of the scientific research.

Dr. Andrea Renzetti is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo, Japan. In 2007, he received Dual-Ph.D. in Pharmacy from the University of Chieti in Italy and the University of Reims in France. He has long been engaged in organic synthesis and chemical biology research. His main research fields are green chemistry, organic chemistry, and catalytic asymmetric synthesis. He has worked in drug synthesis research and organic chemistry at Osaka City University, Japan, McGill University, and Cambridge University, UK. He has won the BCSJ Award, Marie Curie European Internal Scholarship, etc., and published 24 papers in SCI in JOC, RSC Adv, Chem. Eur. J, etc.


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