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Informative Lecture Given for CET-4 Preparation
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan & Qin Run wen      Date: 2016-12-06

On November 27th, to help the student better prepare for the coming CET-4, Mr. Yang Zengrong from Department of Foreign Languages gave an inspiring lecture to Y2016 CIE students in the multimedia classroom.   

Based on the sample test paper, Mr. Yang introduced some skills in listening, reading comprehension and translation test. His witty and humorous explanation made the lecture informative but intriguing, which greatly build up the student confidence in handling the CET. He didn’t emphasize the enrich of lexical resources and grammar study, neither the importance of foreign language. His lectures mainly focused on the analysis of CET question types and skills in working out solutions. “You don’t have to panic if you fail to catch the meaning of listening materials.Look out the order of every single exercise and distinguish the confusing statements while you are listening.” Mr. Yang share some tips in listening test, bases on the sample test paper. In the reading comprehension part, the lecture gave detailed explanation in the application of skills:Ten out of Fifteen based on the part of speech, long passage on reading sequence, short passage on the relation between reading materials and right answers.

As to learning English, Mr. Yang said, “ Only when you get ride of the habits of C to E translation in mind, can you succeed in memorizing words. Instead, bearing in mind the E to E, that means to explain the new English word with some words you are familiar with. For instance, ‘aim’ and ‘point’ can explain the word ‘goal’. To simplify the unfamiliar words requires to learn the derivation of single word. For instance, success---successful ,succeed,successfully.”

The students found themselves well informed of the CET-4 by the lecture. Li Xiyang, a student from Bio-tech class 162 shared feelings, “Before the lecture, I have busied myself with reciting words and doing mock exercises, only to find the effect is much less than expected. Thanks to the lectures, I found the best way in the tests. I will follow the instructions and tips from Mr.Yang in the following self-training, and hope to pass the examination with high score.”

Undoubtedly, this lecture have the students fully equipped with skills in preparing for and dealing with the CET.

At the lecture
                                                         (Photos: Li Xiyang; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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