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CIE-Sponsored Garden Party Successfully Held
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Ying Boyan & Qin Runwen      Date: 2017-01-03

Golden rooster crows the old year out while the garden party welcome the new year in!

On the New Year’s Day of 2017, CIE-sponsored garden party was successfully held on the basketball court of south campus.

It is appraised a brilliant activity characterized by fun games, challenging puzzles and demanding sports events. Designed in the form of level games, the “trunk whirling”, hurdling and hopscotch soon gained great popularity in the visitors. Family team, couple team and friend team elbowed their way to the destination. Burpees and ball racing were the most demanding activity which required cooperation of the team members.

The head of this activity Wang Pengqi said, “ New Year’s Day garden party is one of NWAFU traditional activities with years of history. To bring fun and enrich cultural life for the NWAFUers, the activities designed by CIE aim at enhancing the interaction between the family members, teacher and students and among the students. Much into the activity, Jiang Shimeng, a Y2016 student shared with us her feelings, “ the mini-games brought me back to the good times of my childhood and had me enjoy the rapport with my teammates. I found myself really enjoyable to witness the joy of the little kids with their parents and the smiles from the students. The passion will bring much more good luck and joy in this new year! “

This garden party is an active response to the call of NWAFU’s “ three walking-out requirements”. It establishes a platform for the NWAFUers to share the joy of festival, enrich their life and stimulates their passion to work and study in the new year. In addition, we prepared electronic hand warmer for the waiting visitors and sent balloon as a new year gift to all the children who participated the games.

At the party
                                              (Photos from: Li Xiyang; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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