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Local Traffic Coordinators--- New Identity of CIE Students
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Ying Boyan & Zhang Xinlu      Date: 2017-01-03

On Dec. 28th, CIE students went to the cross of Yangling Hospital and the cross of Haoyouduo supermarket to regulate the heavy traffic as coordinators.

They were divided into two groups and each was in charge of one cross. As the two crosses are the top two busiest places full of autos and pedestrian, the traffic has always been chaotic. To play well the role of traffic coordinators, CIE students kept reminding the pedestrians of obeying the traffic regulations and helped to organize the traffic.    

CIE students all enjoyed the job. They were still talking about the problems and solutions in regulating traffic on the way back to school. Liu Zongxin, a Y2016 student shared his feelings,“This activity has me realize the importance of traffic regulations and reminds me of my responsibility as a social member to promote that idea. ” 

CIE traffic coordinator
                                             (Photos from: Liu Qinmeng; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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