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We Are Ready !--- CIE Students Debate Team Prepared for Talents Cup Debate Competition
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan & Shen Zhentong      Date: 2017-03-08

With the NWAFU Talents Cup Debate Competition approaching, debate teams of all colleges pitched in the preparation for preliminary. Their enthusiasm even warmer the cold early spring. CIE debate team is one of the active roles of this grand occasion. They have rolled up their sleeves, ready for the first competition of Y2017.   

Receiving the debate topic, the team leader summoned his fellows and started their preparation. At the first meeting, everyone spoke out their ideas and marked out the key points. They soon stated collecting information, making literature review, analyzing cases and refining strategies in a sweeping manner.

The team were greatly motivated when their preparation was helped by the experienced senior students. Zhang Zhiyi is in his third-year study, who is almost fully occupied with research. And this spring is the most critical moment for his research program. Despite of the tight schedule, he resolutely joined in the topic analysis and rehearsal. The former team leader, Jiang Jiaxian and former associated team leader Liu Song, both engaged in the rehearsal as “debate opponents”, to clear the team’s logic and refine the strategy.

China’s Two Sessions also enlightened the CIE students. Student Wang Yilin said, “The hot spots of this grand national event greatly support our arguments and inspired all the members. To acquire professional knowledge and follow the current national issues should go hand in hand.”

The big debate competition, in some way, witnesses the students’ growth. They are more confident and expressive.

Wish them great success in the preliminary!

Preparing for the debate
                                          (Photos from: Shen Zhentong; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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