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NWAFU ‘s Sherlock Holmes is Back!
From: CIE Students Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan      Date: 2017-06-01

Late spring in May, the second Sherlock Holmes Detective Game sponsored by CIE Equity and Psychology Department kicked off. Aiming at improving NWAFU students’ psychological quality and integrative capacity, the game fully meet the demand in enriching campus life and developing students practical abilities.

At preliminary, all candidates were asked to finish a pen-to-paper test which consisted of inference questions, Sudoku and Best Plan in terms of multiple choice or blank-filling. Then 6 groups won the ticket for the final according to their grades at this phase. 

The final was held in the multi-media machine equipped classroom of CIE. The completely occupied seats proved the popularity of this event. As the host announced the rules, the final officially commenced. There were three sections. The first was Mind Palace in which the candidate groups were required to pair up to compete. Each group named a key word(s) and asked the opponent to say a staff related to the topic. As taking turns to name and to answer, the winner was the group who stand to the last time without missing any turns in required time. This phase was really a fierce battle as the imagination confronting and words clashing. The second section was named The Memory Maze. The group was asked to watch a piece of three-minute video and to answer the related questions. Though some of the questions were tough enough, the candidates did their utmost and had the job beautifully done. The most the challenging part went to the third section. The candidates were asked to find out the truth according to the clue statement and pictures, then to prove their inference. The judges voted the best detective group and awarded them the title of King of Detective, Sherlock Holmes.

All candidates were awarded certificates and gifts and the champion group was awarded the medal of King of Detective, Sherlock Holmes. One more thing deserved notice was the interlude during the game --- Taste Challenge. Five audience were invited to try five different mixed drinks. The one who could figure out the ingredients of the drink won special gifts for his/her talented gustation.

This game provided the students a great opportunity for experiencing the case-based reasoning. It was also a platform for the ratiocination fans to show their talents. While enriching the campus life, it leaves the participants joy and good memory of college life. The real experience in the game is a way for the participants to improve their analytic and research abilities which will bring them lifetime benefits in this field.

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                                                                                    (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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