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CIEers Celebrate the Teachers’ Day
From: Students’ Affairs Office      By: Zhang Shicheng & Zhao Xuan      Date: 2018-09-11

On September 10th, the 34th Teachers’ Day of China, CIE organized series of activities to the celebrate the special occasion. 

To express sincere gratitude to their teachers, the students have had prepared self-edited video and gifts ahead of the festival.

“Teachers--- the lighthouse at sea, lightening your way to the bank of wisdom. It is you who shared knowledge generously, who eliminate the confusion timely, who advise instructively!The fruitful college life and study of us are all attributed to your devotion and tuition. Thank you, my teacher!”

“Though the chalk whiten your black hair, it will only make your youthful green more intense. We are so grateful for your devotion to teaching, and will be more self-disciplined in study. We wish you a happy happy Teachers’ Day.”

Every single delicate card, every sincere word of wish, spoke out the students’ gratitude to their teachers. 

Before class, the students sent flowers to the teacher. Mr. Fang Jianbin was very touched by the  surprise. Years of teaching work has grizzled teachers’ black hair, but their passion for class has never been reduced. Mz. Deng Jin took the flowers from the classmates in an ecstasy. She said: "Thank you for your kindness. This is the first time I received flowers from my students in class. The flowers are very cute and full of warmth. I am deeply moved. This is a good memory for my life, and also a kind of encouragement for me!"

At noon on September 10th, our students hung up the banners in the college and held the signing activity. They put down their feelings and gratitude on the banners and express their wishes.  

Huang Yiju, a 2018 freshman of the college, said: "Gratefulness is the traditional virtue of our nation. Teachers have played an irreplaceable role in our growth and development. Therefore, we should be grateful to every teacher who has cultivated us dedicatedly. I saw the joy of the teachers when they received the cards and flowers. ‘Till death will the silkworm stop spinning, turned ashes will the candle stop burning itself’. Thank you for your devotion, my teachers.”

The love from teacher is like water moisturizing the world, silently and generously. On the special occasion, the CIE students spontaneously organized, carefully designed and carried out a series of activities to mark the day, which drew close the distance between teachers and students, and expressed the students' deep love for the teachers.

Teacher receives flowers

wishes to teachers
                                                     (Photos by: Li Jiale; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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