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Address: No.3 Taicheng Road,
   Yangling, Shaanxi, China.
Postcode: 712100
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Are You Ready for CETs? 2015-12-10
A Glance at Constitution Day of Youren College 2015-12-08
Ding-dong, It's basketball time! 2015-10-30
Summer Practice Exprience Sharing Meeting Succesfully Held 2015-10-21
Y2014 CIE Students Shared Experience with Freshmen 2015-10-16
Library Guide Eduction Initiates New College Life 2015-10-13
Battle of Words and Wisdom 2015-10-12
No pains, no gains! 2015-09-16
Your Experience, My Wealth ! 2015-09-14
Thank You, My Dearest Teachers! 2015-09-11
Youren College Held Y2015 Students Party 2015-09-09
The Military Training of Y2015 CIE Students Begins! 2015-09-06
The Head of Ningshan County Paid Visit to Qinling Youth Ambassadors of WWF 2015-07-25
CIE Held Security Mobilization for Y2015 Summer Social Practice 2015-07-10
Hello ,Colors! 2015-06-17
Brilliant ! CIE Students ! 2015-05-26
CIE English Play Contest Successfully Held 2015-05-06
Cafe Salon of Youren College Successfully Held 2015-04-16
CIE Morning Exercise Launched Officially 2015-04-08
Hello, Spring ! 2015-04-08
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