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The First CIE Administration Committee of Year 2022 Held Successfully
From: Teaching Affairs Office      By: Ma Chuan      Date: 2022-04-12

On the afternoon of April 8th, the first CIE Administration Committee of Year 2022 was held in the No. 210 room of NWAFU International Communication Center. The seniors of NWAFU attended the meeting were Vice President Chen Yulin and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Northwest A&F University Committee Yan Zushu.Other attendees included the persons in charge of the following departments or divisions of NWAFU: Academic Affairs Division, Graduate School, Student Affairs Division, Human Resources Department, Division of Planing and Finance, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Logistics Division, Youth League Committee, Counseling Center for Students’ Career Development, and other related colleges, and all CIE’s administrators and faculty of Teaching Affairs Office.

At the meeting, CIE reported the students’ re-selection of Elite Classes, the progress of whole-ranged evaluation of research competence, and the plan for following-up reform. Other attendees shared their ideas and put forward constructive suggestions on the cultivation of CIE’s top-notch talents in agriculture and forestry, focusing on the improvement of students research competence, evaluation of comprehensive literacy and the students’ all-round development in terms of moral grounding, intellectual ability, physical vigor, aesthetic sensibility, and work skills.

Vice President Chen Yuling pointed out in his closing speech that, CIE has been playing well the leading role of a pilot zone for NWAFU’s talent cultivation model reform in discipline-based enrolment and cultivation and the Bachelor-Master program. He encouraged the CIE to keep furthering the reform in talent cultivation model and the construction of new system for Bachelor-Master program, and playing the leading role in cultivating outstanding talents with profound knowledge in agriculture and forestry and deep love to agriculture, rural areas, and rural people.

This meeting renews the CIE’s ideas in reform and boosts the confidence and determination of CIE for the reform in cultivation of outstanding talents in agriculture and forestry.

The First CIE Administration Meeting of Year 2022

Translated by:Yan Xianhui

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