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CIE Held Lecture on CET-4
From: Student Affairs Office      By: Li Xinxin      Date: 2022-05-12

At 7:30 pm on the evening of May 11th, CIE held a pre-exam lecture of CET-4 for the Year 2021 students of CIE. Mr. Xiang Jun from College of Languages and Culture was invited as the lecturer. This mind-inspiring lecture is designed to familiarize the Year 2021 students with the procedures and tips for CET-4, in order to help them improve the preparation efficiency and build up their confidence in coping with the exam.

The lecture consists of two sections: lecture and interaction. Mr. Xiang commenced the activity with an interesting game: the students were required to write down three impressive English words in their college life so far. Then, Mr. Xiang introduced in details the score composition of CIE-4. He pointed out that the reading section played a key role so that the order of doing reading exercise deserved more attention. Next, Mr. Xiang shared his experience in grading the students’ essays and taught the students the correct writing methods. Last, he shared some instructive skills of improving word memorizing efficiency. Before ending the lecture, Mr. Xiang Jun sent his best wishes to the students, wishing them in desirable scores in CET-4 and other English tests.

The students benefited much from this report, having a clear understanding of CET-4 and picking up instructive skills of word memorizing.

At the Lecture

Translated by:Yan Xianhui

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