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New Ways of Celebrations Welcome the New Year In
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Zhang Hanwen      Date: 2017-01-09

The progression of seasons witnesses the diligence and harvest of all people. To welcome the coming new year and bid farewell with satisfaction to the old year, CIE encouraged the students to mark this special occasion in the ways they like.Shows were staged on and tea parties were held, enriching the students life in NWAFU and enhancing their sense of belonging and elation. The students also enjoyed this opportunity to share their experience in study and happiness in life.

From the form to the organization of each activity, brain-storm played the key role in decision making process. The full preparation guaranteed the success of each session. At evening party, beautiful singing and guitar playing blended with vigorous aerobics dancing brought the audience into a world of music. Humorous cross talks, storytelling and Chinese opera made the audience laugh fit to bust. In the farmhouse inn, students did the cooking on their own and turned the vegetables and meat to plates of tasty dishes. Sitting around the table, enjoying their fruit of labor, the students found more happiness in the class family. At tea party, students shared the dribs and drabs in year 2016 and spoke out wishes in the new year. Excited or touched, every single member felt the love in CIE’s big family. When the shutter was clicked, the good times have been recorded not only by the camera but also in all people’s hearts.          

The popularity and success of these activities are attributed to the its profound effects--- making the festival more rejoicing, enriching the students’ cultural life, strengthening the tie among students, mobilizing their initiatives and having them feel the warmth of Family.

In retrospect, the past year saw the endeavors CIE made and achievements reached. Taking good advantage of NWAFU resources in teaching and discipline construction, CIE has been providing fertile soil for the growth of students. In 2017, CIE will make greater contribution to the cultivation of high-quality talents of NWAFU.

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                                     (Photos from: Zhang Hanwen; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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