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Mr. Wang Haiqiang Conducted Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Experiments 2018-05-28
CIE Delegate Went to Xianyang Middle School and Weicheng Middle School for Recruitment Promotion 2018-05-18
Mr. Pan Junfeng Lectures on Molecular Biology 2018-05-16
A Co-training Discussion between Shenzhen BGI College and Innovation Experimental College 2018-05-10
Cell Biology Experiment Observation Class 2018-05-10
An English Spoken Class of College English Ⅳ Taught by Chigan Menghua 2018-05-07
“Advances of Stem Cells, Artificial Matrix and Regenerative Medicine” Academic Report 2018-05-04
CIE Completed Acceptance Inspection and Mid-term Inspection of 2018 Sci-tech Innovation Training Projects 2018-04-23
Prof Lan Xianyong Gave Report on Sci-tech Innovation to CIE Students 2018-04-09
A New Mode of Class – Zheng Lifei’s Flipped ‘Advanced Mathematics’ 2018-03-23
Wheat Genomics Research Progress – Prof Song Weining from College of Agronomy Gave Report to CIE Student 2018-03-19
Integrate Individual Development with National Economy and the People’s Livelihood – Prof Fan Mingtao Gave Report to CIE Students 2018-03-13
CIE Conducted Multiple Measures to Guarantee Student Safety 2018-01-16
Overseas Education Program Report 2018-01-12
Open Class of Linear Algebra Ⅱ Held by CIE 2018-01-09
CIE Promoting Undergraduate Admission in Xianyang Shiyan Middle School 2017-12-15
Youren College Delegation Visited Schwarzman College 2017-12-06
CIE Accomplished Mid-term Inspection of College Student Innovation Training Project for the Second Half of 2017 2017-11-29
CIE Organized Teachers to Attend the 10th China University Teaching Forum 2017-11-27
Wang Liping Presented Open Observation Class in College English Ⅲ 2017-11-25
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