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CIEers Celebrate the Teachers’ Day 2018-09-11
Sing and Dancing--- A Party Deep in the Qinling Mountains 2018-06-29
A Season of Bidding Farewell and Sending Gifts 2018-06-29
CIE Held Graduates Basketball Bee 2018-06-25
Dragon Boat Festival or Zongzi Festival? Anyway, it’s CIE’s Festival! 2018-06-19
Publishing SCI Papers? It Is Not That Difficult 2018-06-19
My Heart Will Go On, My NWAFU! 2018-06-19
Watchman of the Land 2018-06-14
CIE Mock Exam of CET-6 Rounded off 2018-06-07
In the Name Time Machine, Never Say Bye~! 2018-06-04
To Enthusiastic Spirits: an Extrodinary Youth Entrepreneurship Convergence 2018-06-04
Three Colleges Jointly Demonstrating Volunteer Spirits and Youth Ambition 2018-05-26
CIE Students Pitched in Hospital Volunteer Activity 2018-05-26
Sherlock Holmes Are Back to CIE This May 2018-05-24
English Drama Contest Rounded Off 2018-05-15
Do Sports and Inherit the Spirit 2018-05-07
Innovation Experimental College Sponsoring the Patriotic Parade Dressup Relay Race: Work Hard to Honor the Promise with Chinese Dream in Mind 2018-05-07
Bright and Lively: the Teacher Support in Shuaijia Village 2018-05-07
2018 Graduate Students Planting Trees 2018-04-23
CIE and Department of Foreign Languages Held League Lecture on Official Document Writing 2018-04-23
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