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Associate Researcher Yang Qiuning from Xuzhou Medical College Gave Report at NWAFU
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan      Date: 2017-01-15

On the morning of January 11th, CIE-invited guest---Associated Researcher Yang Qiuning gave a  brilliant academic report on at NWAFU.

Mr. Yang Qiuning got his Master degree of European Research at Viradrina University,Germany in 2005 and his Doctoral degree of Innovative Entrepreneurship at Free University of Berlin in 2012. He now is working at Xuzhou Medical College as an associated researcher and the head of Innovative Entrepreneurship curriculum program.   

Themed on Inspiration from Innovative Entrepreneurship Education at Germany Universities---Chinese College Teachers’ Role in China’s Innovative Entrepreneurship Education, Mr. Yang’s report covered four topics: the objectives of innovative entrepreneurship basic education, the development of innovative entrepreneurship in German universities and other foreign countries, and the role of college teachers in this field. The inspiring report was so well-organized in structures and well illustrated with true cases.       

At the interaction session, some teacher attendees shared their ideas with the reporters. Mr. Zheng Lifei from College of Science talked about raising the students awareness of innovative entrepreneurship on general education classes. Mz. Zhang Xiao rong from Department of Foreign Languages share her experience in stimulating English majors via in-class teaching. Director of NWAFU Academic Affairs Office, Mr. Chen Yulin and Deputy Secretary of NWAFU CPC Youth League Committee, Mr. Gao Jie put forward some suggestions on the construction of teachers’ team in innovative entrepreneurship education.

The ideas in this report open a new window for the NWAFUers and greatly inspire teachers and students in innovative entrepreneurship.

Mr. Yang talking with the audience during the break

At the report
                                                                                   (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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