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Candidates Interview for Y 2017 NWAFU & CUHK Exchange Students Program Held by CIE
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Ma Chuan      Date: 2017-03-14

On March 10th , CIE applicants for Y2017 NWAFU& CUHK Exchange Students Program received interview in Lizhi workshop of Youren College. The panel members were heads of CIE, Mz. Zhang Xiaorong from Department of Foreign Languages, faculty of CIE teaching affairs office and student affairs office.      

The interview was composed of two sections---self introduction and Q&A. Before voicing their interpretation in CIE motto and morality-guided education philosophy and speaking out their suggestions for Youren College development, the candidate introduced themselves in terms of their educational background, academic plan, research orientation, and roles in student union. At the interview, the 6 candidates impressed Mz. Zhang withe their foreign language proficiency, clear logic and good personalities. Their excellence was exactly a manifestation of CIE students’ quality.

The 3-year exchange students program with Shanheng College of CUHK was launched in 2014. Four CIE students have been studying at CUHK through this program. And another two will be added to list this year. It is a great opportunity for enhancing the communication between NWAFU and CUHK. Students in this program are the biggest “stakeholders”, whose life and education experience in CUHK will open a new window for their scientific research and academic study.   

CIE will further exchange and collaboration with other institutes/universities at home and abroad. As expanding the exchange students program, CIE will refine the operation and management of Youren College to accelerate the fulfillment of students’ dreams.

at the interview
(Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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