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NWAFU Executive Vice-president Professor Zhao Zhong Attended Symposium With CIE Leading Body
From: CIE College Affairs Office      By: Zhao Lu      Date: 2017-03-14

On the afternoon of March 8th, NWAFU Executive Vice-president professor Zhao Zhong came to CIE for the symposium with college leading body. The symposium mainly focused on periodical achievements and challenges in the development of CIE and Youren College.

CIE Dean Mr. Ou Wenjun summarized the development trend of CIE and Youren College before he reported the achievements CIE made in talents cultivation model, teaching reform and research training system. As pioneer of NWAFU teaching reform, CIE will refine the incentive measures of teaching reform, improve the mentor system in size and quality and better the evaluation system of student academic study.  

CIE Party Secretary, Mz. Li Haihua made a report of college work in Y2017 Party building. Talents cultivation and students management have been going hand in hand with Party Building Studies. Party and administration joint meeting in CIE saw a systematic building. Group study, investigation and interviews with students have been organized systematically. Joint efforts are put into analyzing and solving problems in students cultivation whenever necessary. Beside, the leading body gave detailed report on college affairs---mentor system, support for students in special academic needs, ethos construction, and the model role of student Party member.   

Innovation is not a terminal, but a way of developing, Mr. Zhao said after he listened to the reports. As the reform moving forward, new problems may emerge in new situation, which requires CIE leading body and faculty to be more engaged in education design and new ways of student development. He encouraged all CIE members to comprehend President Xi Jinping’s requirement---to have the education fully meet people’s need. Therefore, the ethos construction should be student-needs-oriented and run through the talents cultivation project. There are more efforts to be made in exploration of international cultivation model. It is expected to offer opportunities to study in first-class institutions or universities of foreign countries for at least one third CIE students. In addition, Party Building Studies are to be promoted, regular and institutionalized, running through in student Party branch study and college formation education.

                                                                         (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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