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Orientation Meeting on Discipline-and-Mentor-Choosing Held for CIE Y2015 Students
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Cao Shuaishuai & Ma Chuan      Date: 2017-04-01

On the evening of March 29th, CIE held orientation meeting on discipline-and-mentor-choosing for Y2015 students. The CIE Leading body and secretaries of college teaching affairs office attended the meeting. This meeting will serve to guide the student in making feasible and sensible plans for academic development.

Mr. Ma Chuan from CIE teaching affairs office first informed the students of policy and schedule of discipline-and-mentor-choosing plan. Associate Dean Mr. Wang Xiaoping and CIE Deputy Party Secretary Mr. Pei Zhichao made further explanation. They also encouraged the student to be well-informed of all curriculum and teaching content before making the option based on their personal interest and specialty, and to pitch in research training and communication mentors as long as they work out their academic plan.

This meeting aims at familiarizing all Y2015 CIE students with a full explanation of mentor system and students-interest-orientated cultivation program. The students are expected to make tailored and sensible academic plan based on their first-two year academic study and personal interest. With the guide of their mentors, they are hoped to finished the required courses and training before moving onto the graduate study.

At the meeting
                                                                                    (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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