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Professor Sawyer Visited Department of Foreign Languages of NWAFU
From: College Affairs Office      By: Zhao Yiran & Zhao Lu      Date: 2017-05-26

On May 23rd, professor Sawyer from Education Institute of New York University ,who is also a Yu (Mr. Yu Youren ‘s family member), visited Depart of Foreign Languages and joined a informal talk with local teachers.

With years of experience in college teaching and teachers’ training and as a member of American College Reading and Writers Association, professor Sawyer was very interested in the college English class of our university. She observed an English Grammar class on the afternoon of 23rd and had a wonderful talk with the students on topic of Self-driving Cars.

Then, professor Sawyer came to the meeting with youth teachers of DFL and shared her experience in teaching with them. In addition, the talk covered the problems and feasible solutions in class teaching.

On next day, May 24th, professor Sawyer came to meet teachers of DFL, Mr. Zhang Peng and Ms. Li Ting, exchanging ideas of overseas study for NWAFU students. Mr. Zhang Peng analyzed the learning style of Chinese students, the problems confronting the students in overseas study and the resources of NWAFU available to students. He also consulted professor Sawyer with how to motivate students initiative in learning and what the Chinese students do to prepare for the overseas study. Having listened to Mr. Zhang’s words about Chinese students, she shared her experience in teaching and put forward many suggestions. She also showed her great willingness to promote communication between New York University and NWAFU.

Professor Sawyer with NWAFU teachers

Professor Sawyer with youth teachers of DFL

Professor Sawyer with NWAFU students in English Class
                                                                                   (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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