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Conversazione, More Than a Small Talk!
From: College Affairs Office      By: Chen Ziyu & Zhao Lu      Date: 2017-05-27

On the afternoon of May 26th, Youren College Students welcome two honorable visitors---Nathan and Maddie who are son and daughter of Youren College Dean Mr. Yu Zhongxing. The Lizhi meeting room witnessed the wonderful conversation between the hospitable hosts and brilliant guests.

For ice-breaking, Youren College students Zhao Yiran and Guo Yuanyi who served as hosts of the talk invited their fellow students to make self-introduction and personal hobbies. Surprised at the Youren College students’ high proficiency in, The guests also found out their common interests in music, literature and sports as the hosts’. Maddie showed that Chinese language was a real big challenge to her.  

Youren students shared their study and life at NWAFU. They might be confronted with tough academic problems and high pressure of numerous experiments. It was the same with Nathan’s situation as his major Chemistry requires constant experiments and research as primary means of exploring in this field. However, the differences lied in the styles and principles of management in conducting experiments in labs and altering academic mentors. Besides, Nathan gave a few suggestions to the Youren students with intention to study overseas. Language would always be essential tool for communication while the ability to stand on own two feet another essential factor.

Differences in study and life was another hot topic at this conversazione. Maddie introduced the extracurricular activities and students clubs through which they get to know more people and gain more experience. Youren students showed their great interests in this relaxing way of study and life, who now felt quite pleased with their extra-curriculum activities at NWAFU.

Speaking of Mr. Yu Youren, Nathan said he had read many works of his honorable great-geat-grandfather. He was eager to learn more about this respectable family seniority. Soon as they arrived in Yangling, he and his family members presented a bouquet to the statue of Mr. Yu Youren on north campus of NWAFU. 

Before the end of the talk, Nathan asked about the future plan of Youren students. They showed intention to further study at home or abroad. Nathan himself shared his recent plan to attend a bio-technology-themed summer camp and long-term plan to explore in the field he loved. Maddie then sent gifts to all the Youren student present at the meeting and left her contact information.  

Undoubtedly, this meeting was more than a small talk, but a real conversazione between college students from China and America. When it promote the understanding and friendship between the two parties, the activity broaden their horizons, too.

at the meeting

group photo
                                                                                      (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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