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American Teacher Teresa Jones Conducted Oral English & American Culture Class for CIE Students
From: Teaching Affairs Office      By: Yuan Hongyu & Ma Chuan      Date: 2017-06-20

In early June of this year, American teacher Teresa Jones invited by CIE student mentor Mr. Zou Yufeng offered an 8-hour course Oral English & American Culture for CIE students. Themed on Be Brave to Speak, this course serves to encourage students to speak English in a mock English context and to familiarize themselves with American culture and its difference from Chinese culture.

The First Sight

Having heard of the great news of foreign teacher’s arrival, the student had been seated in the classroom and expecting the coming of teacher. In no time came in madam Teresa and her husband, hands in hands. To relieve the students from fear of speaking English, the teacher initiated communication with students in a relaxing way, which soon draw out some students. Her witty words, expressive face and lovely gestures soon gained her great popularity among the listeners. Gradually, more students got involved in interacting with the lovely teacher. Though there were language barriers in communication, the students got much more active and relaxed. Not until the bell ringing did the students went back to their seats for the formal class.

In class, Mz. Teresa familiarized the students with significance of Be Brave to Speak in ice-breaking section. The student were asked to write down their English names and to make brief introduction. With the aid of PPT, she then showed her daily life as an average American. Her big extending family, loving nuclear family and her hobbies pursued for years. She were keen on decorating her home, dancing, singing, listening to music, cooking, knitting and stage performance. What impressed the audience most was the brightness in her eyes when speaking of her life and family members.

Years of Acquaintance  

In Q&A session, the teacher was very responsive to the questions raised by the students. Without the pressure of shyness at first sight, students now got quite active, consulting the life in America and their confusion in learning English. Mz. Teresa also recommended the students Doctor Seuss, a popular American children’s book.

After class, students competed to take group picture with this lovely lady. Mz. Teresa then left her wechat ID to the students, expecting to have more communication after class. The students showed that they greatly enjoyed the well-deigned oral class and longed for more courses of this distinct to be offered soon.   

To learn a foreign language well, nothing can be more important than a real communication context. The course offered by foreign teacher is the right one that fulfilling all expectations and requirements. In this new area, the students experienced the differences between Chinese and American cultures. They were so much motivated in learning English as they witnessed the real life of average American people. Encouraging the students to open mouth to speak English, this activity also help them lay solid foundation for overseas study.

in class of Oral English and American Culture offered by Madam Teresa
                                                                                     (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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