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CIE Teacher Representative Attending The 3rd National Symposium on Statistics in Colleges and Universities
From: College Affairs Office      By: Liu Yaxiang & Zhao Lu      Date: 2017-08-16

The 3rd National Symposium on Statistics in Colleges and Universities was held from August 10th -13th in Dalian. Of over 100 representatives of universities all over the country, professor Liu Yaxiang from NWAFU College of Sciences attended the event as CIE representative.

Sponsored by School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, co-sponsored by Department of Mathematics, Dalian Maritime University, and organized by Peking University Press, the symposium focuses on the communication on issues of college mathematics textbooks, construction of statistics discipline and teaching and research in these fields. The specific topics included the construction of college mathematics textbooks, big-data-based exploration and practice of teaching reform in college statistics class,Markov Chain and complicated stochastic simulation, construction of statistics discipline, errors in big data cognition---analysis of network-based public opinions, econometrics model system, probability and fortune. Keynote speakers included professor He Shuyuan from Beijing Normal University, professor Pang Xiangzhong from Peking University, associated professor of Deng Kefu from Tsinghua University, professor Zhu Jianming from Xiamen University, professor Li Zhanfeng from Zhongnan University of Economics and Laws and professor Miao Baiqi from University of Science and Technology of China.   

NWAFU teacher was one of the active participants in the communication and shared his practice and experience in statistics teaching at NWAFU. Mr. Liu said that, he had benefited much from the symposium and would continue his exploration in composing statistics textbook of higher quality and the big data-based statistics teaching mode, to improve the quality of talents cultivation. 

                                                                                  (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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