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Heads and Experts from College of Plant Protection and College of Agronomy Visited CIE
From: CIE College Affairs Office      By: Yu Xiuwei & Ma Chuan      Date: 2018-09-07

On September 5th, heads and experts from College of Plant Protection and College of Agronomy Visited CIE for enrollment promotion and discipline introduction. Their visit aimed at making contribution to NWAFU’s Double Fist-Class construction by providing students instruction in choosing research mentors, making sensible academic plans and encouraging them to attend the Bachelor-Master-Doctor training project.
In the morning , CIE Associate Dean Liu Tianjun extended warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guests before he introduced the achievement CIE made in undergraduate cultivation. Later, Professor Hu Xiaoping, the deputy director of the College of Plant Protection, gave a general introduction to the students in terms of the definition of plant protection, educational orientation, faculty, scientific research, and personnel training. Next, 8 doctoral supervisors---Professor Zhang Yalin, Professor Guo Jun, Professor Liu Xili, Professor Lu Zhiqiang, Professor Ma Zhiqing, Professor Liu Huiquan and Professor Xu Gong, also gave detailed introduction to their research direction and scientific research results.

In the afternoon, a total of 10 doctoral supervisors from the College of Agronomy, leaded by their Dean, professor Shan Weixing, came to the college to enroll students. First of all, Professor Liu Tianjun, the associate dean of CIE, expressed warm welcome to the professors and thanked them for their support for the training of talents in our college. Then, professor Shan Weixing introduced the college history, the faculty, the academic disciplines, the scientific research achievements and the personnel training on the theme of “focusing on food security, cultivating talents, building a world-renowned and national-first-class Agronomy College”. Next, Professor Feng Yongzhong, Professor Song Weining, Professor Feng Xiaoli, Professor Qi Donghong, Professor Wen Xiaoxia, Professor Han Dejun, Professor Song Joy, Professor Yang Qin and Associate Professor Huang Zhen introduced their research direction, research background, team members, main achievements, etc.

During the interaction sessions of the two presentations, the students inquired of the research content of the instructors. They also asked about the research they were interested in and the possibility of future plan they were to carry out.

These presentations enhanced the students' understanding of the team and research direction of the Plant Protection College and the College of Agronomy. With a clearer understanding of the research results and talent development results of the strong teaching teams of the two colleges, the students are able to set clear goals of personal and academic growth. In addition, it has raised the students’ interests and enthusiasm in scientific research, laying their good foundation for further study.

Delegates from College of Plant Protection

Professor Shan Wei, Dean of the College of Agriculture, giving a report
                                                                                               (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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