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Charity Bazaar: For Love and Care
From: Student Affair Office      By: Shen Zhentong      Date: 2016-11-23

“Sell me these books, too. Do you still accept donations? I have a few things.”

“Every cent represents love. All the contributions we collect will be donated to the children of the underdeveloped areas.”

“On the day of 19th Nov, the statue outside the West NWAFU Supermarket witnessed a hustle and bustle on the front-door open space. This was the third charity bazaar that the Innovation Experimental College launched. This year, the charity bazaar focused on the left-behind children and hoped to send support to them.

“The staff have been working on the details for two weeks before the launch. In combination of previous experience, they spared no efforts to improve the planning so as to guarantee the smooth progress of the bazaar. This event gets great support from the Innovation Experimental College. Idle things, including books, toys, decorations, souvenirs, and homemade snacks, were donated to the bazaar stock.” Organizer Liu Tongjin said, “Everyone gets more and more belongings as time goes by and eventually they will become a knotty problem – if we keep them, we will run out of room; and they are too good to be thrown away. The charity bazaar can be a good solution to this. Plus, by donating the collected money, people will realize how small gestures can be a great help to those in need and it is actually not difficult to contribute. Of course, the bazaar is a good example of recycling. Students will know what seems idle to them may be precious to others and accordingly set up a sense of resource conservation and environmental protection.”

By report, the staff have donated all the collected clothes to a primary school in Qinghai Province via the platform of Moving China.

“The gift itself may be small, but the goodwill is deep.” The charity bazaar not only arouses happiness, but comfort of the soul. As the stork items decrease, the love and care are piling up.”

Collecting books

Bazaar scene
                                       (Photo: Chen Geng, Liu Tongjin; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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