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CIE Student Volunteers in the Yangling Local Hospitals
From: CIE Students Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan & Song Qianqian      Date: 2016-12-08

“Excuse me, which department I should register for my headache?”

“Excuse me, where is the E.N.T department?

“Excuse me, where is the washing room?

On December 4th, Yangling Hospital was brightened as a group of student volunteers in red waistcoat flooding in as receptionists, which is actually CIE practice to mark the International Volunteer Day. The Red Waistcoats were to help the patients in register and locating the department.

Pre-job Training

The CIE student volunteers received pre-job training offered by Party Committee Office of Yangling Hospital before the Day, and was informed of the requirements and rules in the hospital and how to help the patients in locating the departments and making registration. In addition, the volunteers were encouraged to give warm and patient reception to the patients.

Sincere and Considerate Service

The volunteers were assigned to different departments. They were the hospitable receptionists at the outpatient hall, the helpful “walking sticks” outside the CT room, the responsible lift coordinators, the assistants printing analysis reports for the patients.

We’re lucky to have you here!

There words were from the patients who were helped by the student volunteers. To the CIE student, the one-day experience benefits them,too. Niu Zhihan, a Y2016 CIE student share the feelings, “It is not an easy job to lift up and down the CT bed, neither to push the wheel stretcher around. But our fatigue soon was overwhelmed by the gratitude of patients for our help and consideration. All our efforts are meaningful.”
CIE organized this activity to promote the volunteer spirit and enhance the students’ responsibilities as a member of society. In addition, it will improve their organization competence, coordinate ability and communication proficiency. Student volunteer as hospital guide has always been a highlight of CIE ideological education program. More and more CIE students will participate in the community service activities in their spare time.

Patients leaving NMR room with the assistant of volunteers

Group photo of the student volunteers
                                                          (Photos: Liu Tongjin; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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