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CIE Students Gave Shows to Local Villagers
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan      Date: 2017-01-03

When the New Year’s Day of 2017 is around the corner, CIE and College of Economics and Management co-held the stage show for the local people in Shuaijia village. This practice aims at promoting the core value of Chinese socialism and enriching the local people’s life, while enhancing the students sense of responsibility and devotion as a social member.

The students pitched in the building the stage as soon as they arrived at the village. The red spring couplets were so eye-catching, bringing joy and good luck to the yard. Not before long were the yard flooded in with flocks of local farmers. The kids were running back and forth to catch the balloons occasionally flying down the stage.

The zero distance with local villagers enabled NWAFU students to extend their sincere wishes to the people and celebrated the special occasion in a meaningful way. The head of village spoke highly of the shows, “ it greatly broadens our horizon and fulfill our local people’ pursuit for improving spiritual civilization. And, it save us much trouble in traveling to watch such wonderful shows.” One elder villager was very impressed by the taekwondo, “ The show is so brilliant. The girl is as good as a strong boy!”

Shuaijia Village of Wuquan County is one of CIE’s base for students’ social community service, which has been playing an important role in students’ ideological education. The head of this activity Liu Tongjin explained the meaning of this practice, “ What we do there is to build a stage for the villagers, on which they could have fun without the trouble of traveling far. From showing culture to planting culture, our show is to make the literature and art indispensable elements of local people’s life.”

This activity, on one hand, offered the local people a feast of culture and many joys of festival. On the other hand, the performer themselves improve their practical abilities with stronger sense of social responsibility in community service.

Pasting the spring couplets

Spring Festival Overture

Group photo
                    (Photos from: Liu Tongjin & Xing Xiaoqian; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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