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Plant Painting, Painting Plant
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: He Zongxing & Yin Boyan      Date: 2017-06-21

How lovely and enjoyable the early summer in Qinling Mountain! As Y2016 CIE students are at their filed practice in Qinling mountains, student affairs department of CIE student union held the painting competition Nature’s Charm. Walking into the wonderland of nature and seeking for the beauty around, the students works made of leaves greatly liven the early summer. 

By using scissors and crayons provided by the organizers, the students soon brilliantly finished their paintings on the cardboard with plants or leaves of different colors and shapes collected at the site of their field practice. Discussion was occasionally heard as the painters exchanging ideas at their work. Isn’t the activity a window through which the earnest attitude and persistence of CIE students are shown?

On next day, Mz. Wang Xiaojing and some experienced students were invited as judges of this activity. Mz. Wang showed her great interest in the works and talked with the student artists. According to the criteria made by the organizers, the judges graded all entries.

While having fun of art making in this activity, the students also found the beauty of nature there. Besides, painting with plants furthers the students understanding of botany and enriches their field practice in Qinling Mountain.

enjoy the painting

the judges grading the entries
                                                                                       (Translated by: Xianhui Yan)

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