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CIE Held Graduates Basketball Bee
From: Student Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan      Date: 2018-06-25

To strengthen the spirit of unity and cooperation, and to enhance the friendship between the students, CIE held a basketball bee for the graduates. The basketball court witnessed the rhythmical image and positive energy of youth in the blossoming of passion.

As long as the game begun, the fierceness of competition came to its peak. The tacit cooperation blended with fierce chasing while the thundering cheers of audience echoed to the tai-for-tat game. Every moment of shooting held the breathe of audience and every change of score flourished the passion of players. 

Zhang Shanyu, one of the players, lamented: "Basketball is not a solo sport. It requires the active cooperation of the team. It requires the passion and hard work of everyone. At any time, we must meet the battle like a warrior!"

This basketball game shows the youthful and positive spirit of our students, which enhances the friendship and college cohesiveness of the CIEers, and enhances the enthusiasm of students to participate in sports activities.

the basketball bee

Group photo of the players
                                                                           (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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