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A Season of Bidding Farewell and Sending Gifts
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Zhang Fuhua      Date: 2018-06-29

As the graduation season approaching, CIE suggests the senior students send their spare books and daily nessessaties to the lower year grade students. Passing down the stuff is a meaningful practice of continuing CIE’s spirit. 

From 20th to 22nd, the books and stuff collected soon piled up high in No. 130 office. Each graduate received lovely postcards. Four groups were sorted out, labelled A(30RMB)B(15RMB)C(10RMB)D(5RMB). The lowere year grade students were allowed to choose the gift costing no more than 30 RMB.
At 12 o'clock on the 23rd, the staff was in place and the atmosphere was soon activated. Among the stuff in group A, a flute first won the favor of a girl and was took away, and the bed rails in group B followed, while a skirt and a top also found the next owner. The books were most popular among students, especially the CET-6 reference books, textbooks and lecture notes. 

Even the midday sun can't stop the strong enthusiasm. The items found their new masters one by one, bringing their memory and wishes of their old owners. Half an hour later, most of students have already left and the items on the foam board were almost running out.
This activity helps to enrich the atmosphere of CIE and NWAFU, and effectively implements the education, management and service of the 2018 graduates. Innovation, a permanent pursuit, will be passed on from generation to generation.

On the spot
                                                                             (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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