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Dragon Boat Festival or Zongzi Festival? Anyway, it’s CIE’s Festival!
From: CIE Student Affairs Office      By: Li Jiale      Date: 2018-06-19

To promote Chinese traditional culture, on June 15th, CIE held the “Dragon Boat Festival, Zongzi Festival” activity. This activity is designed to strengthen the sense of belonging of CIE students to traditional festivals and to the family of CIE. 

"Wow, this Zongzi looks great. How can I get it?" "What a shame, I almost got one." The staff began to draw a dice in the college hall at 12:10. Not long after class at noon, a long queue was arranged behind the table where the lottery was distributed. The students were all eager to give a go for the delicious Zongzi. Some of them were fortante engough and won their favorites while some were not and leaft in pity. The harmonious and warm atmosphere infects the classmates who are present at the scene.What the staff members handed out were the sweet and soft sticky-rice-pudding while harvested joy and happiness. It was full of fragrance and laughter on the spot. Sun Yuxin, a Y2017 CIE student, said: "My previous Dragon Boat Festival was spent at home. This is the first time I have had a Dragon Boat Festival at school. Although there is no family companion, the atmosphere of the college is just like the harmony and warmth of the home."

Yiban first released the ticketing activity of “Dragon Boat Festival”; then other new mess media platforms publisized the relevant information about Dragon Boat Festival, responding to the special occasion. These practices also improved students'  love to traditional festivals, aroused the students' remembrance of Qu Yuan and deepen their understanding and consolidation of traditional culture.

The Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival in China. Since ancient times, China has had special activities such as eating Zongzi and doing dragon boating. The event made the students feel the charm of the Dragon Boat Festival and the cohesiveness of CIE. At the same time, it is also a commemoration of Qu Yuan, the great poet of ancient China, which enhances the inheritance and development of traditional culture and festivals.

On the scence
                                            (Photo from: Li Jiale; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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