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Expert Invited by CIE Gave Report on The Application of Python Programming Language in Bi-science Research
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Qin Runwen & Ma Chuan      Date: 2016-12-15

What is Python? What can it bring to the research in bio-research? On the morning and afternoon of December 10th, Doctor Meng Haowei from Biology Information Technology Center, Peking University, gave two reports on the topic of The Application of Python Programming Language in Bi-science Research. Held in the multi-media classroom of CIE, the report had over a hundred teachers and students from different colleges of NWAFU. Mr. Chen Yong from College of Information Engineering and CIE Associate Dean Mr. Wang Xiaoping attended the reports. 

Before the report, Mr. Wang introduced to the audience the distinguished reporter. Mr. Meng Haowei graduated from CIE in 2015 and then now is studying in the Peiking University for Doctoral degree as a biology information major. His current research focuses on the exploration in 3D genome based on high-throughput sequencing and mechanism of alternative splicing.

In the morning report, Mr. Meng introduced the Python in terms of its installment, basic grammar and application. Then he demonstrated the function of Python in software design, network construction, Quokka deployed website and graphing. “Python is a powerful interpreted language”, Mr. Meng explained as he introduced the Python’s frequently-used data type, statement structure and defined function.

In the afternoon report, Mr. Meng Haowei showed the application of Python in bio-science. From the Python package used in biology research and science calculation to the new sequencing technology used in bio-science assistance, Mr, Meng’s intriguing reports greatly furthered the audience understanding of this new technology. Before ending the reports, Mr. Meng also shared his previous project Hi-C assisted by the Python.

Song Qianqian, a student from Bio-technology class 161 shares her feelings, “I benefit so much from this report. I learned many practical software technology and have a rough ideas of Python’s application in biology science research. However, it has me know my space for improvement, too. I will follow the instructions and learn to have the Python fully applied into the biology research.”

This report expanded the horizon of the audience and enrich their knowledge in Python application, which gains great popularity among the audience.

Doctor Meng Hoawei giving report
                                                                                      (Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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