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Micro-lecture Highlighting General Biology Class
From: CIE Teaching Affairs Office      By: Wang Xing & Ma Chuan      Date: 2017-04-12

The spring term of this year was highlighted by the micro-lecture Mz. Wang Xiaojing conducted on her General Biology class which consisted of three parts---five minutes’ lecture show, Q&A and peer scoring. Different from traditional classes, all parts of this lecture were implemented by students who played the roles of lecturer, question masters and judges.

The topics were set by the students who chose one subject from textbook, life or purely out of personal interest, related to the life science. Refined and tailored, the student-conducted lectures were well-designed to inform the student audience and eliminate their confusions in a efficient way. Shifting from passive learning to active learning, the greatly intrigued students could enjoy the group work in furthering understanding of knowledge.In Q&A session, the student-lecturers demonstrated their quick mind in solving problems and full preparation in collecting information. However, it did not necessarily mean there was no challenging jobs. When confronted with unsettled questions, the lecturers would resort to group discussion to find out best solution, or turn to Mz. Wang.  

The diversities not only can be found in ways of presentation, but also in contents. In addition to traditional way of PPT-aided presentation, subtitled VCR were applied in the lecture show conducted by student Chang Yongxing and student Xiong Wenjing. The lecture content were expanded from textbook knowledge to world’s greatest and wild animal protection.

Student Tian Weiye shared his feelings, “I found myself more active in learning general biology knowledge in this way. The interaction with teacher and my classmates give me more inspiration in refining my knowledge structure.”

Unlike traditional teaching model, the micro-lecture diversifies the teaching methods and motivates the students in learning. Student-centered communication and study positively shifts the students role in learning.

student lecture show

student lecture show

student lecture show

student lecture show
                                          (Photos by: Wang Xiaojing; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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