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Cherry-Apple Tree, Wish U Merry Days!
From: Student Affairs Office      By: Yin Boyan      Date: 2017-06-07

Lead by CIE Party Secretary Mz. Lihaihua, CIE Dean Mr. Ou Wenjun, Associated Dean Mr. Wang Xiaoping and college counsellors, students representatives of Y2017 graduated planted cheery-apple trees in front of college building, in the name of their love and gratitude to CIE.

Since the establishment of CIE in 2008, planting cherry-apple trees before leaving NWAFU has been a tradition of CIE teachers and graduates. On that day, all pitched in the job and and cooperate well. Shoveling soil, placing trees into the hole, filling and earthing up and watering new-planted trees were beautifully and carefully done. A tree means a hope, a dream and a love. The students can’t help imaging the picture when trees stretch out branches and shade the land with leaves years later. To the students, the trees symbolize their love and wishes to NWAFU. Though they are leaving for all corners of the world to realized their dreams, they are like the trees planted here who have had their love rooted in this piece of land---NWAFU.

The trees enlarge the grove of CIE and memorized the wishes and gratitude of graduates to CIE and to NWAFU. It is also a manifestation of good wishes to the graduates who will see their bright future in pursuit of dreams and make greater contribution to China’s development.

a family photo of CIE teachers and students
                                                       (Photo: Li Xiyang; Translated by: Yan Xianhui)

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