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We R Fa-mu-lei(Family)! 2018-01-03
The “Five Civilization” Project Series Rounded Off 2017-12-21
Achievement Exhibition of the 6th College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017-12-21
Commemorate the December 9th Movement and Voice Our Patriotism 2017-12-12
CIE Organized Mock CET-4 2017-12-06
CIE Held “What Do You Know about Constitution” Quiz 2017-12-06
CIE Successfully Held Gratitude Education Gala 2017-11-30
The 3rd College Student Manner and Etiquette Contest Rounded off 2017-11-28
CIE 2017 Creative Dormitory Competition Successfully Concluded 2017-11-14
Youren College Held the 1st Charity Sale 2017-11-10
Are You Ready to Embark on Scientific Research? 2017-11-08
Professor Wang Dun Gave Speech to CIE Students 2017-10-31
Exploring the Genetic Code of Modern Agriculture 2017-10-31
2017 Academic Year Scholarship Selection 2017-10-13
Dorm Heads Meeting Successfully Held 2017-10-13
CIE Held Time Mail Activity and Tristich Contest 2017-10-13
Sophomores Sharing Experiences with Freshmen 2017-10-11
CIE Held Basketball Friendlies 2017-09-27
System Optimized for Better Student Psychological Health Education 2017-09-20
Happy Teachers’ Day! 2017-09-11
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